Scheme of post-matric scholarships to backward classes regulations

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The object of the scheme is to provide financial assistant to the students belonging to the recognized Backward Communities of the State of Meghalaya for pursuing studies in Higher Education.


These rules may be called ‘Rules for the award of Post-Matric Scholarships to backward Class Students’


These scholarships are available for the Post-Matric of Post Secondary Education within India and are tenable for pursuing recognized courses in recognized institutions only.


In these Rules:-

  1. ‘Meghalaya’ means the ‘State of Meghalaya’.
  2. ‘Backward Classes’ means the community of caste which is so treated and recognized by the Government of Meghalaya, namely the Rabhas, the Boro Kacharis and the Kocha and such other backward Classes as may be recognized by the Government of Meghalaya by Notification from time to time.
  3. ‘Government’ means the ‘Government of Meghalaya’ in the Department of Education.
  4. ‘Director’ means the Director of Higher and Technical Education, Meghalaya, Shillong.
  5. ‘Awarding Authority’ means the Authority empowered by the Government to award the scholarship under these Rules.
  6. ‘Board’ means the Meghalaya Board of School Education or any other regularly constituted Board of School/Secondary Education in India.
  7. 'Institutions’ means any recognized Post-Matric Educational Institutions in India.
  8. 'College’ means an institution giving instruction in Post-Matric Education and preparing students for the Pre-University under Graduate or Post-Graduate Examinations.
  9. ‘Examination’ means an examination conducted by a Board or University etc. established by law for award of the certificate, Diploma or Degree.
  10. ‘Academic Years’ means a period of 12 (twelve) months from the 1st June of a particular year to the 31st May of the following year.
  11. ‘Department’ means the Department of Education.
  12. ‘Recognized Institutions’ means an institution formally affiliated to a University.
  13. ‘Principal’ means the administrative head of a College or a Post-Matric Institution and it includes Dean, Secretary, Registrar or any other Officer, if such Officer functions as the administrative Head of the institution.
  14. ‘Scholar’ means an awardees of the scholarship.
  15. ‘Student’ means a person duly admitted and registered in a College/university who is prosecuting regular studies in a Post-Matric institution.
  16. ‘Scholarship’ means the Post-Matric Scholarship to backward Class students under these rules.


  1. Only the Children/wards of bonafide permanent residents of Meghalaya who belong to the backward Classes and recognized by the State Government and prosecuting regular studies in a recognized institution in India shall be eligible for the award of Scholarship.
  2. No student who fails to secure at least 50% (fifty) marks in aggregate in the High School Leaving Certificate / Pre –University Examination/Degree Pass Course or Honours subject in Degree Honours Course shall be eligible for the scholarship.
  3. Only those students the total income of whose parents/guardians in the preceding year of the award is Rs. 6,000/- (six thousand) or Rs. 500/- (five hundred) per month or less shall be eligible for the scholarships.
  4. Students who are pursuing full-time course in any recognized Post-Matric institution shall be eligible for the scholarship.
  5. Students pursuing studies in Morning/Evening College or Part-time course or through correspondence course will not be eligible for this scholarship.
  6. Students who are in full time employment will not be eligible for this scholarship.
  7. Only two children of the same parents are eligible.
  8. A scholarship under this scheme will tenable only for the next courses of study. Students who after completing one stage of Post-Matric education are studying in the same stage of education in a different subject or faculty (e.g. B.Com after B.A) shall not be eligible.
  9. Students who after completing educational career in one professional studies are pursuing a course in a different line (e.g. LL.B after B.T. or B.Ed.) shall not be eligible.
  10. A scholar under these rules will not be allowed to enjoy ay other scholarship or stipend.
  11. An income, caste and residence certificate etc. from the competent authority shall be submitted by the parent/guardian of each scholar at the time of submission of application form.
  12. Scholarship under t5his scheme will not be awarded for training courses like Aircraft Maintenance Engineers courses and Private Pilot License Course, course at trainingship (Rajendra), courses of training at the Military college, Dehra Dun, courses at Pre- Examination training centres of all India and State levels and trade courses at the Industrial Training centres or Commercial Institutes.


1. So long as either of the parents/husband (in case of married unemployed girl students) are alive, only the Income of the parents/husband from all sources shall be accepted. 2. House rent allowance received by the parents of a student shall be exempted from the computation of ‘Income’. If the same has been exempted for the purposes of Income Tax.


  1. The number of scholarships to be awarded in a particular year shall be determined according to the fund provision in the budget in order of merit. The candidate of higher rank fulfilling the conditions of the Means Test shall have preference over a lower ranking candidate.
  2. The rate of scholarship will be as under:-
Scholarship Rates
Slno. Course of Study Monthly Rates


Pre-University or equivalent course.

Rs. 50/-

(b) Degree course (General) & Diploma course in Technical & professional course Rs. 60/-
(c) Post Graduate Course Rs. 70/-
(d) Professional/Technical Courses/Medical/Engineering Rs. 80/-


  1. A scholarship under this scheme is renewable from year to year till the completion of the particular stage or course of study for which it is sanctioned, subject to good conduct, regularity in attendance and satisfactory progress. This renewal will depend on promotion to the next higher class by the scholar concerned irrespective or the fact whether such examinations are conducted by a University or the Institution.
  2. The scholarship will be suspended/cancelled at any time by the Director on receipt of adverse report regarding habitual, irregularity, misbehavior, unsatisfactory progress and participation in strike or anti-Government activity. In all these occasions, the decision of the Government shall be final and binding in this matter.
  3. If according to the Regulation of a University a student is promoted to the next higher class, even though he may not have passed in the lower class and is required to take examination of the junior class again after sometime, will be entitled to scholarship for the class to which he is promoted if the student is otherwise eligible for scholarship.


  1. Selection of eligible candidates for the award of scholarship shall be made by the Director from amongst the applicants under this scheme.
  2. Only the cases of those candidates will be considered who submit the applications in time and in the manner prescribed accompanied with necessary particulars and documents etc.
  3. The decision of the Director shall be final and binding in this matter.


  1. The payment of scholarship will start from the month of admission into the College. In the case of renewal of scholarship for the succeeding year, the scholarship will be paid from the month following that for which the scholarship was paid during the previous academic year if the course of study is continuous. Otherwise, the scholarship will be paid from the month of admission. Wherever, a final University examination is taken after the completion of a full course of studies the scholarship will be payable upto the month in which the written or practical examination ends.
  2. All scholars are expected to purchase the necessary textbooks, stationery etc. from the scholarship amount sanctioned. If, it is reported by the Principal that any scholar is without textbooks, stationery etc., the value of the scholarship may be reduced at the discretion of the awarding authority.
  3. The scholarship will during the year, be drawn upto March of financial year. For the remaining months of the academic year, the scholarship will be drawn in the succeeding financial year on receipt of renewal application form. In case of candidates appearing in the University examination on completion of the course of studies, the scholarship will be paid on receipt of the report from the Principal (or Head of the Institution) intimating the month in which the examination (including practical) was over.
  4. In case of candidates appearing in Supplementary Examination, no payment should be made for the period starting from the month following the month of annual examination till his/her joining the class after the Supplementary Examination.
  5. When a scholar has completed a stage of studies and joined the next higher course, the scholarship amount is to be paid upto the month of examination (including practical) and then from the month of admission in the next course.


  1. If a candidate is found to have obtained the scholarship by false statements, his/her scholarship shall be cancelled forthwith, and the amount of the scholarship paid will be recovered at the discretion of the Govt. The student concerned will be black listed and debarred for award of scholarship under any scheme forever.
  2. A scholarship awarded may be cancelled, if the scholar changes the course of study for which the scholarship was awarded or changes the institution of study without the prior approval of the Director. The principal shall report such cases to the awarding authority and stop payment of the scholarship money. The amount already paid may also be recovered at the discretion of the Govt.
  3. A scholarship is liable to refund the scholarship amount at the discretion of the Government if during the course of the year the student for which scholarship has been awarded is discontinued by him/her.
  4. Application in the prescribed form completed in all respects along with necessary certificates, copies of Diplomas etc. to the Head of the institution being attended or last attended by the candidate and shall be submitted to the Director within the date specified. Incomplete applications or applications received after the prescribed date will not be considered.
  5. The Rules and Regulations can be changed or altered or amended at any time at the discretion of the State Government. (This issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their O/O No. FC.567/78, dated 23.03.1978.)