Office Memorandum

O.M. Number/Date Content Details PDF
No.EDN.179/2021/262 Dated 31-10-2023 Aadhar Notification for State Merits Scholarship Scheme PDF icon (534 kb)
No.EDN.179/2021/264 Dated 31-10-2023 Aadhar Notification for Free Studentship PDF icon (534 kb)
No.EDN.179/2021/265 Dated 31-10-2023 Aadhar Notification for Border Area Scholarship PDF icon (534 kb)
No.EDN.179/2021/263 Dated 31-10-2023 Aadhar Notification for Ex Gratia Grant (Book Grant for students) PDF icon (534 kb)
No.EDN.80/2018/12 Dated 05-10-2023 Public Information Officer DHTE - Notification PDF icon (534 kb)
No.EDN.1/2008/Pt/374 Dated 14-01-2022 Authentication of educational documents and certificates in Meghalaya PDF icon (534 kb)
No.EDN.353/2009/238- Dated 22-11-2013 Shri Akash Deep, IAS Addtional Secretary to the Govt. of Meghalaya, Education Department shall also function as Nodal Officer relating to the implementation of Mid Day Meal Scheme as follows PDF icon (92.2 kb)
Dated 30-08-2013
The Competent Authority is pleased to constitute the Select Committee for purpose of promotion under the Directorate of Educational Research and Training , Meghalaya Shillong under Rule (8) of the Meghalaya School Education Services Rules and Meghalaya School Service Rule under Education Department PDF icon (69 kb)
Dated 13-08-2013
In the interest of administrative expediency and for effective supervision of all activities and programmes being implemented in the School Sector, the Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya has completed the GIS Mapping of all functional Schools in the state where the stated objectives were achieved PDF icon (85 kb)
No.EDN.338/2011/Pt/37- Dated 12-3-2013 The Guidelines for contract appointment of Lecturers in Directorate of Educational Research and Training, Meghalaya Shillong is hereby published for general information PDF icon (282 kb)
Dated 26-8-2011
In continuation of the OM no.EDN.187/2010/110 dated 1.6.2011 relating to matter of issuing a NOC PDF icon (157 kb)
No.EDN.80/2000/Pt/96 Dated 11-8-2011 Guidelines for selection of deserving teacher for State Awards: PDF icon (284 kb)
No.EDN. 160/2011/7
Dated 9-8-2011
Education Deptt has revised the ACR Format for grading the performance of teachers in Govt. Colleges and Polytechnics: PDF icon (216 kb)
Dated 01-06-2011
Education Deptt may issue a NOC to any sponsor who intends to start any new college : PDF icon (152 kb)
Dated 26-04-2011
ACR Format for Teachers Serving under Education Department Govt. of Meghalaya.dated 26th April 2011 PDF icon (56 kb)
Dated 21-01-2011
Inspection format to be utilized for School Inspection by all concerned officer of the Deptt. PDF icon (37 kb)
Dated 18-08-2010
The function and duties of Inspector/Deputy Inspector/Assistant Inspector of Schools PDF icon (158 kb)
Dated 13-08-2010
In consideration of NCTE's Notification No.F.51-1/2009-NCTE PDF icon (129 kb)
Dated 17-08-2010
Office memorandum for RMSA PDF icon (98 kb)