About the Directorate of Educational Research and Training

In order to provide direction and thrust to School Education & Teacher Education the State Council of Educational Research was set up in Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI). In 1997 the Directorate of Public Instruction was trifurcated and SCERT became a fully fledged Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT) with its own Director. The main functions of this Directorate is to help bring about qualitative improvement in the field of School Education through quality Teacher Education Programmes, as the Government firmly believes that quality in school education greatly depends on professional competence of teachers.

Aims and Objectives

DERT is an expert body. Its main role is to bring about qualitative improvement in Education, formal and non-formal, and Teacher Education which are necessary for the development of human resources needed for all-round development of the State. Its broad aims and objectives have been clearly stated by the Education Commission, Meghalaya (1976-77) as follows

  • Curriculum review and revision
  • Preparation of syllabus
  • Preparation of instructional materials (i.e. Textbooks, Teachers' Guides, Supplementary Reading Materials, Resource Books, Content Enrichment Materials, Handbooks, etc)
  • In-Service Training of Teachers and Extension Programmes
  • Research and Development
  • Dissemination of information and other functions as defined by the Government

Duties of the DERT

Providing training in enhancing and updating of knowledge, skills and competencies of the existing teachers on a continuing basis and improvement and promotion of existing facilities in Teachers Training Institutes including the Directorate of Educational Research & Training (DERT). Organizing Training, workshops, seminars and meetings for teachers, Heads of Institution, Teacher Educators, Education Officers, Principals of Teacher Training Institutes and other Education functionaries. Undertaking Research as and Studies in problem areas of Education facing the state with a view to suggesting remedial measures. Undertaking and supporting Innovations in Education. Providing academic and professional guidance to schools, Meghalaya Board of School Education, Teachers, Training Institutes and the Education Department. Providing Extension services to School and Non-Government Agencies involved in the development and promotion of Education as well as acting as a clearinghouse of ideas and information. Preparing and developing Textbooks, Guide books and other instructional materials. Collaborating with Agencies, Institutions and Organisation in the country and outside for development and promotion of education. Conducting Talent Search Examination for Students, for tribal student of Meghalaya for Award of Talent Incentive and Scholarship. Also Conducting Career Conferences for providing Career Guidance and Vocational information to students. Releasing salaries of teacher training deputed for training at the Elementary Teacher Training Institutes. Providing grant-in-aid to Meghalaya Board of School Education. Providing Grant-in-aid to Non-Government Teacher Training Institute.