Research Studies and Publications of DERT

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  1. Manual for Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) in Mathematics at the Upper Primary Level(2.4 mb)
  2. Analysis of the Qualitative and Quantitative Performances of the different recognized Schools in Meghalaya in the SSLC Examination, 2007 (165 kb)
  3. A Study on Man Power Requirement in Education at the Primary Level in Meghalaya (59 kb)
  4. Teachers absenteeism and students at the upper primary and lower primary stages (42 kb)
  5. Analysis of the Qualitative and Quantitative performance of the Different Schools in Meghalaya in the HSLC examination 1974 - 80, 1980 - 83.
  6. Provisional Statistical analysis of School Education in Meghalaya 1976 - 77, Vol.I No.2.
  7. Report of the First Career Masters Training Course 1978.
  8. Seminar on the History of Meghalaya 11th - 12th July, 1979.
  9. School Mapping in Meghalaya - a sample survey of the location of schools : Vol. I, 1981,1982.
  10. Report on the workshop for Developing Model Question Papers in History 5th- 4th April,1982.
  11. Workshop for developing Model Question Papers in History 5th - 14th April, 1982.
  12. The Breakthrough, April 1983.
  13. The Educational and Vocational Survey, Reports 1984.
  14. A Brief Report of SCERT
  15. Revised Curriculum for School Education in Meghalaya, Classes ( VI - X ) Vol. - I language,Science, Mathematics, Creative Expression, 1987
  16. Revised Syllabus for Primary School in Meghalaya ( Classes I - V ), ( Classes VI - X ) 1988.
  17. District Development Plan of Education ( East and West Garo Hills ).
  18. A Brief Consolidated Report of SCERT, Meghalaya, Shillong.
  19. Ki Kyrdan Jingnang Barit ha ka Kyrdan Primary ( Ka Report jong ka Komiti kaba la thung da ka Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education, Govt. of India).
  20. Hints on Teaching of History.
  21. Training - cum - Workshop in Library Science for School Teachers.
  22. Seminar on the History of Meghalaya.
  23. A Report of the Programmes and Activities of the Educational Technology Cell, SCERT for the years 1978 - 1990.
  24. A Report of the Survey and Seminar on Wastage and Stagnation at Primary Levels 1985.
  25. Massive Orientation Programme for School Teachers Training Modules as prepared by NCERT 1986.
  26. Correct English for High School in Meghalaya.
  27. A Guide to Subject Verb Concord and Expression of Past Time.
  28. Seminar Papers on the Standardisation of Khasi Writing.
  29. U Nonghikai Primary ( 22 Volumes ).
  30. Ka Kot iarap ia ki Nonghikai ba hikai ha ki Skul ba tang uwei u Nonghikai.
  31. Ka Kot kaba iadei bad ka jingpyndonkam ia ki tiar ki tar ba tad ha kaba hikai ia ki khynnah.
  32. Educational Technology in English, Khasi and Garo.
  33. Enrichment Programme for the Middle School Teachers, " Sample Lessons ".
  34. Report of the Surveys for the use of Educational T.V. and on Teaching Aids.
  35. A Brief Report of the Feedback Studies of Educational Broadcasts. E.T.Cell.
  36. Sample of Scripts for Educational Broadcasts.
  37. School Broadcast of Educational Technology Cell.
  38. Manual on Child to Child Activities, 1992
  39. Ka Kot kaba iadei shaphang ka Prokram na I Khynnah sha I Khynnah.
  40. Seminar Paper on the Standardisation of the Written Aspect of the Garo Language.
  41. Ka Kot iarap ia ki Nonghikai ba hikai ha ki Skul Ba Tang Uwei U Nonghikai.
  42. Statistical Study on Wastage and Stagnation at Primary Level in Meghalaya State.
  43. A Comparative Study of the Organisational Climate and Teacher Morale.
  44. SCERT Educational and Vocational Charts.
  45. Hand Book on Educational and Vocational Guidance.
  46. Be an Engineer.
  47. Career for High School Learners and below.
  48. Ka Song Jingtip, ( 9 Volumes ).
  49. Ka kot Jingkhein na ka bynta ki Skul Primary ( 2 Books ).
  50. Seminar on School Education in Meghalaya, June 1978.
  51. Workshop on Inspection and Supervision for Inspection Officers in Meghalaya, ( August 17 - 21, 1993 ).
  52. Content Enrichment in Science Teaching for the SC/ST persons of Meghalaya, Related to Elementary Education.
  53. Inspection and Supervision.
  54. Special Orientation For Primary Teachers (SOPT) Training Manual Performance Package.
  55. Revised One Year Elementary Teacher Education Syllabus.
  56. Meghalaya Survey Report 1980, Under UNICEF Assisted Project 1+3. Primary Education Curriculum Renewal and Developmental Activities in Community Education and Participation.
  57. Special Orientation for Primary Teachers ( SOPT) Awareness.
  58. Special Orientation For Primary Teachers ( SOPT) Training Manual Performance Package ( Khasi & Garo Versions).
  59. Handbook for Demonstration Experiments in Science.
  60. A Textbook on Science for Class VII.
  61. Supplementary Reading Materials in Science for High Schools, Vol.I, 1982.
  62. Model Textbook in Science - Class X.
  63. A Guide Book for High School Science Teachers.
  64. Setting Better Questions, Model Question and Question Papers in Mathematics and Elementary Scientific Knowledge for High School Stage, 1982.
  65. Model Textbook in Science for Class IX ( Based on Revised Syllabus prepared by SCERT).
  66. A Textbook on Science for Class VIII.
  67. Hints on the Teaching of Mathematics.