General Education

General Education (streams like arts, science, commerce, business administration etc) contributes to the GDP of the country directly and indirectly. General education has enormously contributes to the booming industries and an ever demand of human resources. General Education has met the demands of various industries in respect to jobs and other required skills.

At present the state has three Government colleges which are located in the two tribal areas .i.e. Jaintia hills and Garo hills.

The directorate has a direct control of these three government colleges namely:

  • Tura Government College
  • Kiang Nangbah Government
  • College of Teacher Education.
  • Sohra Govt. College
  • Williamnagar Govt. College
  • Capt. W. A. Sangma Govt. College

The state has fifteen deficit colleges namely:

  • St Anthony’s College
  • St Edmund’s College
  • St. Mary’s College
  • Lady Keane College
  • Sankardev College
  • Shillong College
  • Synod College
  • College of Teacher Education (PGT)
  • Shillong Commerce college
  • Union Christian college
  • Ri-Bhoi college
  • Nongstoin college
  • Don Bosco college
  • Mendipathar college

There are eight colleges which are private under lumpsum grant in aid and other 26 colleges which are private and self – financing.

All the colleges in the state are affiliated to North Eastern Hill University a central university.

The directorate looks after all the matters relating to general education:

  • Government Colleges
  • Propose for Govt. Colleges
  • Placement of Lecturers in Govt. Colleges
  • Option of UGC scales
  • Advance Increment for Govt. Colleges
  • Annual confidential report of Lecturers.
  • Appointment of Lecturers under 3(f)
  • Admission in colleges/ enrollments of students etc
  • Permission/NOC of new colleges in the state.
  • Standardization of fees in colleges
  • Private Universities in the state
  • National Assessment and Accreditations of college (NAAC)
  • NEHU correspondences (meetings, inspection, examinations and affiliations etc).


Releases recurring maintenance grant to all categories of Colleges on a quarterly basis beginning from March of each year.

Also releases non-recurring grant like building, furniture, library, games etc. but due to paucity of fund, this type of grant has been stopped for the last 10 years.

Emphasizes on youth development facilities through holding regular programmes on NCC, and NSS.

Provides incentives in the form of scholarship in various categories, stipend and book grant mainly to ST and SC students and to deserving general categories students.

Processes and avail assistance from Govt. of India under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

A number of scholarship schemes are sponsored by the Government of India and the State Govt. of Meghalaya without losing sight of the main purpose i.e. giving financial aid on the basis of merit. The Government of India judiciously recognizes the financial burden entailed on parents/guardians belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe, who desire that their children/Wards continue and complete their education so as to ensure their future jobs and realization of their aspired careers. For this purpose Post-matric Scholarship Schemes for students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are provided accordingly. Recognizing the fact that educational avenues are many and varied, scholarship schemes also cover such students who opt for full-time educational courses through Distant Education mode or through Correspondence Courses.

The Government of India and the State Government of Meghalaya desire that students from all strata of society be given opportunities to empower themselves through education. This will lead to an enhancement of the chance of their being employable and ideally to realize a pan socio-economic parity.

Tele-education scheme for pre-Engineering and pre-Medical courses

Virtual class room for entrance test that is AIEEE/JEE

CM incentive scheme for the IAS