A Scholarship in the real sense of the word is a financial aid given to different catagories of students according to their academic merit based on the guidelines with the purpose of encouraging such students in their academic pursuits. A number of scholarship schemes are sponsored by the Government of India and the State Govt. of Meghalaya without losing sight of the main purpose i.e. giving financial aid on the basis of merit and as per the guidelines. The Government of India judiciously recognizes the financial burden entailed on parents/guardians belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe, who desire that their children/Wards continue and complete their education so as to ensure their future jobs and realization of their aspired careers. For this purpose Post-matric Scholarship Schemes for students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are being provided to the deserving candidates accordingly. Recognizing the fact that educational avenues are many and varied, scholarship schemes also cover such students who opt for full-time educational courses through Distant Education mode or through Correspondence Courses.

The diversity that makes up the fabric of our nation cannot overlook the fact that there are sections of society that need extra-financial boosts in order to ensure a gradual but steady upliftment through education.

Thus added or extra consideration is given to girl students, differently abled students, students coming from Border villages etc. The minority status of a number of communities in the country are also given due consideration through different scholarship schemes sponsored by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India.

The Government of India and the State Government of Meghalaya desire that students from all strata of society be given opportunities to empower themselves through education. This will lead to an enhancement of the chance of their being employable and ideally to realize a pan socioeconomic parity.

These webpages are an initiative of the department of education together with the NIC, Meghalaya to facilitate easy access of Scholarship information to the general public at large.